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Hunted by anxiety, you exiled yourself to a lonely mountain inhabited by a ghost and his regrets.

The world is slowly crumbling and you are falling apart with it. In an attempt to find a semblance of peace and to rethink your future you go into exile in a remote corner to enjoy the calm of nature. But you are not alone on these mountains, another soul in pain is on your land, a ghost grounded on earth by regrets. Deciding to free him of his curse, you might find peace yourself in the process.

Autumn spirit is a melancholic story about love and the modern anxiety of feeling powerless in this chaotic world. Featuring a dog. A very good boy.

- Star-crossed lovers, lonely together and more cute relationship tropes to chill on a rainy day.

-  A beautiful modern and melancholic love story tinted by humor. 

- Plenty of  personality and bickering choices! 

- Around 30,000 words (approximately 2h per playthrough)

- Burtonesque art style and soft atmospheric music 

Autumn Spirit is rated T for strong language and topics related to death.

Ayael (Director, UI designer & programmer, narrative designer, co-scripter)  Veeneration (Sprite & CG artist), Benjamin (writer), Jeneara (Editor),PJ Pollina (aeugchad) (co-scripter),  AnAwfulLotsOfCups (Audio director, composer). 

See the credit in game for all the free additional resources used.

Autumn spirit was made in one month for Spooktober 2022
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(39 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsamare, Cozy, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Otome, Romance, Slice Of Life, Story Rich


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My name is Camila,

Autumn Spirit looks very intriguing and I have to say you are doing a great job!

I'd like to translate this game in Spanish (Latin America) FOR  FREE as I'm building my portfolio!

I'm a Game Localization Specialist and I already translated a couple of indie games. If you're interested, let me know! <3

Hello, I am very interested! <3

Just so you know I am very nitpicky with the quality of translations even if they are free, because they reflect our studio in other languages! But please, send me a mail at synstoria[at]gmail.com to discuss the details if you feel up to the task! I really want to give Autumn Spirit to as much people possible because it's such a personal story <3

Thank you for your reply!
I just sent you a mail <3


im crying i love this


I am so happy you loved it <3 It's a very personal story for me and the writer so I am always touched people were sensitive to it.


It really hit me in my feels. Like, REALLY. I loved every bit of it tho

I can not play the game. I need a 32 bit export for Linux.

Hello, I am sorry to hear you can't play the game but our game engine, Renpy, doesn't support 32 bit anymore (since a year or so I believe?) so I can't provide the build you need...

this game seem to be so beautiful and talks about something very important, that hate i don't know english ;-; and seeing the comments just makes me more willing to play, you paneja release in other translations the game? or ask other people to translate? then it would increase the audience and more people would know the game, which looks beautiful and amazing <3

Hey, thank you for your interest! We should release a french translation soon, we also have an italian translation on the pipe! Which language would you need? We can still look for something in particular (even if translation are long and we can't really pay someone for one so it's only based on volunteer work so no promises! ) 

Hey, we at Astral Game Studio are curretly offering Brazilian Portuguese localization for free as we are building our portfolio. We'd love to help bring your game to Portuguese-speaking players! Please contact us at contact@astralgamestudio.com if this is interesting for you!

Mail sent, thanks for your interest <3

Hey, we sent a reply to your email!

I just send a reply back eheh Sorry for the wait, i was quite busy this week ^^ 


This was so atmospheric and bittersweet, I loved it a good deal! I couldn’t tire of hearing the main theme, and the core tragedy was so moving, ty for making this VN!


Thank you so much for this nice comment, it's always nice to hear people appreciate our work <3

Sorry for asking but can I write a book about this and give you all credit? it will be for fun and most likely not official


Hello, don't be sorry to ask. Usually we are quite open to derivative work, especially for a story like this who is intented to be cathartic, but we just need more precision about what you want to do exactly ^^ Like you want to use the story but rewrite it your way or make some alternative content with the characters/universe? A translation? Where will it be published? This kind of things. Feel free to answer here, or to join our discord to have a more lively conversation^^ 



Thank you!  And, I think I might write an alternate universe.  Like...If things went differently, in a different time-line?  And I might actually publish it on Webnovel, if that is okay.^^  And please remember you will get all the credit for characters and story-line, I am not forcing an accreditation, if you don't want to, in which I think  credit would be something a creator would want?  I apologize for the long reply, btw thank you for your time^^


Sure no problem! As long a credit is made, it's fine^^ The writer and I would even love to read it! Don't hesitate to send a link there once you are done <3


Will do!  Thank you for your time^^

Oh, please tell me it's available to read? I would really love to read an alternate universe where Nathan is alive and he and Clarisse can spend both of their (living) lives together. <3


This is a lovely game. I can't believe it was made in a month! There's just a little bug (I have Win 7, 64-bit if it helps): the characters' bodies are... in pieces. Granted, it was for Spooktober but... Haha, anyway, I still love it. It looks absolutely stunning! 


XDDD I played this game thousand time and I never run into it, wtf XD

Thanks for mentioning it 


This is an absolutely lovely game! You had me tearing up at the end haha. Amazing job, thank you for making this! Happy Halloween!


I am really glad you enjoyed the game! 

Happy Halloween to you too! 


this is honestly such an excellent piece of art. it exudes charm and emotion and by god, it nearly had me crying. I'm currently in an emotional state similar to Clarisse's, and every other piece of dialogue directed at her or she had said really resonated with me. i want to do something in life that would give me the same amount of happiness and reignite that passion i had for things i once loved. i honestly didn't expect this cute little visual novel to become some sort of wake-up call to get shit done in my life. I'm only 20 and have a whole lifetime ahead of me; and two hours of playing through this wonderful story during a thunderstorm is definitely a memory i'd cherish. I'm terrified of the future. I'm terrified of the failures i'd have to face. but I'm sure as hell will now try to live life as i wanted it to be (even if right now it sucks ass because i can't push myself to pursue my own happiness due to varying shades of anxiety and self-pity)

anyway, i am truly thankful to have stumbled upon this masterpiece


Just for this, it was worth to make this game. There is a lot of me in Clarisse, of my anxiety, of my frustration and hopes. Knowing it resonates with someone else and give them courage, really mean more than I can ever describe. 

Take all your time you need. The world is fucking terrifying it's normal to be afraid and to test the water slowly. Treat yourself with kindness and I hope everything will be okay for you <3

Take care, 



This was the kind of story I needed for my entire life. Thank you for making it. Thank you for making such a good boy, too. Anyway!

1. the comment section is a spoiler
2. this is gonna be long. have a seat

It took me a while to immerse myself in the setting, I was pretty bugged by how the protagonist's sprite looked like it wasn't receiving the same light source as the game's first background, but 'Cups did such a great job with composition I got comfy after 5 minutes. 

It was nice to have the ability to rename the protagonist - although I didn't, just the choice of personalization makes me glad.

    Clarisse is a very strong woman - I like that she takes initiative, even making confident faces when I merely highlight the dialogue choices! (Wish they could've worked with arrow keys though) 

Her reason for purchasing the land just to try something new in life was fully believable - it even felt strange to see her briefly reflect on quitting from the field as "running away" from her responsibilities, but I can understand. 

Even I will inconvenience someone by quitting my current position, but it has to be done, for my own sake.

Before that, I want to thank you all again for making a non-white female protagonist. Having recently discovered I'm a woman, it helps to know my non-white skin is actually okay and that not only fair-skinned women deserve to get into sappy love stories. 

The overarching theme of regret not telling your loved ones how much you love them rings a ton of bells. I feel my mother is unable to accept me as a woman, but I still love her for everything she has given me. I hope I have the courage to say it someday before it's too late. 
A friend routinely utters it to me, and only now I understand.

I got the Goodbye Ending, by the way. I like to fully immerse myself with the choices I make the first time around, so that it feels more real.
    This does mean I won't get to see the rest of y'all's hard work and I'm a little sorry about that ^^' but please know that I truly appreciate the effort and love put into this -JAM- work, and all for free. I hope purchasing the artbook? helps some.

Thank you again for reading so much. I love you, and have a nice day!

It seems my card keeps getting declined for some reason, so I can't pay you people yet. Hopefully I get it sorted out soon enough!~


Thank you for at least thinking of it <3 I hope it will work someday! But don't stress yourself if it doesn't!

two months later, it finally succeeded <3 hope you get it!
I know it isn't much since Malaysia has terrible currency, but please know I deeply appreciate you and everyone else involved for making this game~


Just your dedication is really appreciated, thank you so much <3


Hello, thank you for this kind comment. I am sorry your mom doesn't accept you as you are, I hope things will get better... The "I love you" part, is very important for us. Everyone deserve to hear it and everyone should hear it no matter their gender or anything really.  I remember thinking "I need to make a game about that", after my husband (the writer), said he never said "I love you" to his father. Never. And I realised it was something a lot of people experienced in their life. 

I wish you the best and I am glad you enjoyed the game. Have a lovely day, and a lovely life. 

And yes, Ulysses BEST BOY. 



Amazing effects and animations that create a fully immersive, almost movie-like experience! From falling leaves and a flowing waterfall in the background to a darkening vignette VFX when the sun begins to set, Autumn Spirit has perfectly captured autumn's otherworldly, ethereal atmosphere.

I have fallen in love with this adorable, blushy ghost boy and no-nonsense MC! They have such a lovely dynamic, like Nathan gently teasing Clarisse about her outfit, and then her outfit changing in the next scene… only for him to tease her again.  The story is intimate, vulnerable,  and bittersweet, but there is an underlying layer of hope and perseverance all throughout. 


Thank you so much for your kind comment, it's especially moving coming from you <3

Oh god, please don't tell me I'm the only one having a problem with the text being cut in half🥲

I'm so excited to play it seeing the awesome photos on the website, but then when I played for the first time, it force closed, then when I tried it again, the text are cut in half T T


Oh that really weird, which version are you playing? (Mac, PC, android ?) do you have a screenshot? 

I played the android one on my phone, as for the screenshot, Hold on- 😅😅



Holy molly,  it's not even the right textbox lol, I will see what I can do sorry for the inconvenience :v

Don't be sorry, You worked hard on this :]

Alright, it's fixed! The patch is available to download have fun! Sorry again, apparently the tablet and the phone version are two differents things and I only tested the "tablet" one. 

Said this on the jam page and I'll say it again. Very tastefully done. Great illustration, writing, and music choices. Thanks for making it!

Thank you for this kind comment, I am happy to hear you enjoyed the game!

(1 edit) (+2)

I love how emotionally raw Autumn Spirit is. The premise is relatively simple but the layers make it a really engaging game. Their conversations hit deep and the narration provides food for thought. The ambiance, sprite art style, and UI work really well too. Great work to everyone involved <33

Thank you so much for this kind comment <3


this was a wonderful experience! a lovely, bittersweet story with beautifully illustrated characters - it even made me cry by the end!

<3 Thank you for this nice comment, I am glad you enjoyed it <3


I’m commenting a couple of days after playing as I wanted to recover a bit first, but ahh this game was such a beautiful journey. The story, the atmosphere, art, the expressions, the music, the effects – it really sweeps you away into the strange and magical ‘out of time’ world that these two characters find themselves in (and perhaps, create for each other)!!

I’m often a bit cautious about sad-sounding stories, but there is there is also so much here that is hopeful and life affirming – so if anyone is in two minds about that aspect, I would really recommend giving it a try.

I also loved how the effects you used were so integral to the story – like the photograph (so clever!) being the catalyst for their meeting, or the transparency/visibility of Nathan varying based on his openness or state of mind – even things like with the falling leaves not just being beautiful but also giving that sense of a time of transition and letting go.

And the choices screen was so well executed too – so pretty and well designed, but having the MCs expressions change based in response to the potential choices was just the icing on the cake! I actually hesitated on a few choices just going back and forth just admiring the mechanics of it!

Talking of expressions – the sprite artist did such a beautiful job with these characters – there is so much personality in their dialogue, so it was great to see that echoed in the visuals alongside. Obviously, the whole game/UI/backgrounds looked beautiful, but that’s a detail that particularly stayed with me.

Oh! Also top marks for the character who only turned up in sound only, they were SO well chosen and I love him!

There’s probably other aspects I’ve forgotten to mention, but I better leave this here for now. Congratulations to all the team on this beautiful work. ❤


Thank you so much for this kind words, I am really happy you enjoyed the game. We had a lot in our hearts when we created it but also hopes, so I am glad to see it received for what it is <3


Oh, god. Writing this with literal tears streaming down my face. This was... was... SO MANY things LOL Just... wow. The ups and downs my emotions (and heart) went through while playing this numbered more than I can count, and the ending left me feeling both completely at peace yet also 50 shades of weepy at the same time. (I got the Goodbye ending, which might also explain it—though I'm not sure what other endings there are, so I'll need to try some different choices next time 🤭)

GUHH. Honestly, just. Everything about this game is AMAZINGLY done. Even from the get-go starting it up, I found myself immersed in its autumn-tinged world, from the absolutely gorgeous BGs (with delightful animations!), to the liltingly poignant music, to the gorgeous UI (the little leaf in the middle was so cute and sweet), to the beautiful sprite art and CGs. Autumn is already my favorite season—and this game was like getting sucked straight into it, from the colors and vibe to the bittersweet story that just felt like something meant straight for fall.

The slow-build of this is amazingly done. And really necessary?? Like, the story really hinges on the MC's relationship with Nathan—how it starts, grows and develops, hits all the different beats—and the ending would never have felt "deserved" I think without all the rich interaction you get to experience between the two of them, watching not only their relationship grow but also them both as individuals, too. My heart wept for them so much!! Not only at the end, which was literal tear-jerker tears flying mode, but also at other points in the story, whether it was their fight in the middle to even just the little poignant moments they shared (GUHHH THE PHOTOGRAPH MOMENT, MY GOD, I HAD TO STOP MOMENTARILY BECAUSE I WAS GETTING TOO EMOTIONAL).

The writing in general was absolutely beautiful. There's so much wonderful world- and character-building happening and woven into each line, exquisitely written descriptions and emotions. Everything felt so incredibly natural between the two of them, and I also got quite a few chuckles from the jokes and some of the refs (LOL THE SUPERNATURAL REFERENCE) and the use of expertly timed zooms to land a joke or two. Oh, I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the choices screen!! LOVE! It's so unique and fun. I especially loved how the main char's face would change depending on the choice to give you an idea of how she feels about it. Also the photographs! What a wonderful little effect! And then seeing them show up on the screen gradually. Little moments like this helped the game seem even MORE polished if it's at all possible and were just so delightful. Like little extra nuggets in an already engrossing experience.


Anyway, just, amazing job. Loved every moment of this. And their story is going to stick with me for a while now—probably even more so now that the leaves are changing, so it'll remind me of them every time I look outside the window 🍂💕

I had to take some time to answer this comment, because I was really really moved by it. And the rest of the team too. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a beautiful and detailed review. Truly, thank you <3


Poor dog :´( My eyes sure got wet few times :´)


Yeah, the game is meant to be right in the feels, thanks for playing, Ulysses is happy U.U 


This was melancholy and warm at the same time, the kind of stuff I like. I liked that the characters are 30+ years old, and I loved them joking about stuff! Ulysses best boy <3

Ulysses is definitely the MVP of the game! Thank you for playing Autumn Spirit <3


I really loved this game. It made me cry, a lot of times. It's not just a beautiful story, it has a lot of subjects that reach something inside me. It's really nice written and melancholic.
Congrats to the team


Thank you, I am glad you liked the game, I know this kind of subjects can be hard, but I hope it was more cathartic to you. 

No wonder the art is familiar. Wah, love the art


Thank you! Veeneration is really talented <3

Congrats on release, I'm downloading now! I've loved your other work and I'm sure I'll love this one too :)


Thank you for supporting us for so long! I hope you will have a nice time, I can't wait to know what you thought about <3