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Will the full game be free or will we have to pay?


Considering it's several years of hard work, the game will cost 20€ when finished!




Yes, I choose to respect the team by paying them, and respect the player by not using micro-transaction design to frustrate them to pay way more than 20$ 😊

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I see. That's understandable although I'll probably won't be able to buy it considering it is much too expensive in my currency 😔

That said, does that mean that there won't be any updates to the demo and the next upload will be the final game?


Currency fluctuation is very though, I understand! The demo will be updated when we got the full sprite version, but it will mostly be a visual update (not much more content) except maybe some extra scene with the MM. 

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I could'nt participate in the kickstarter but I would love to read the story from some Li's pov. Do you think you could make this a dlc or a payant option please? and for the guide too?

Hello, all the DLC (MM romance & mariage), the lore book and the guide will be available when the game release. The character booklet with the POV is the only thing that won't. It's a cool bonus but it doesn't impact the game experience, and I really wanted to thank our early supporters with something unique. It's not yet too late to grab it, we have some late pledge through backerkit where you can take individual rewards (so for example you can take just this one) for one more week for people who missed the KS for whatever reason. 

Thank you for your support! 

I used your link and could buy what I wanted. Thank you I can’t wait for the game release. When will the French version be released ?

Thanks for your support! Simultaneously to the English version! So April/May 2024 if things goes reasonably smoothly! 


Somehow I always end up wanting the men who aren't a actual romance option. Petition to potentially get a romance route for the Master of Murmurs! Other than me always wanting what I can't have, I can't wait for this game to be released. This game has so much potential, especially for someone who loves political intrigue and shows like Game of Thrones.


Hello, I have a good new for you, the MM romance was unlocked in our Kickstarter! <3

About how long is the demo right now?

Hmmm, depending on your reading speed I would say between 1 and 2 hours!

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How do you open this? I have a DELL computer and I’m confused. Would really love to play it though!

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Hello, so you need to download the windows folder, then you need to unzip it with a software (I personally use Izarc it's free and it does the job, but there is a lot of different software.) You will then get a folder, open it and you will find the .exe to launch the game right away! 

If you don't want to bother with those extra step, we are also on steam where you just need to click to download and the play button, steam will launch the game automatically^^ 

I hope it helps! If you have more question, don't hesitate! 

Thank you!


Played this demo as part of the storyteller festival on steam.  I have to admit, I was thinking that this game might not be for me.  I was happily proved wrong.  I really enjoyed the game with the combination of the visual novel and then the decision making elements reminded me a bit of "Ambition: A Minuet in Power"  The art is really nice and I love the MC.  I love that she is a strong woman trying to survive in a man's world.  Looking forward to the full release.  Following the KS so I can support :)

Oh thank you so much, i am glad you give it a try and liked it <3


Would Love to try this game out but only have android would be cool if you ever did make an android version thx 😊


Hi, it's a bit more complicated to allow Android, I don't know if I will be able to do it for this game. If you want you can try  our other game Autumn Spirit who does have an android version because it's a cute melancholic romance without management element! <3

thank you so much I'll look into it definitely but I love games that are like brothel,management😊 


We come from all walks of life, but every damn one of us killed the greedy soldier.


XDDD It's actually one of the most picked option, but it's close with the influence one, some people try to hide the darkness in their heart at the begining of the game :p

question, when is winter for you lmao


XDDDDD That's a very good question. This page is so out of date, it even has Theo old portrait. 

lol I don't see much activity on twitter recently either :'D


The place I talk the most is discord if you want more day to day news I had a rough time IRL so I didn't post much on social media, but things are still in progress and alive!


First things first... I saw the 3 LI and okay, yeah let´s see. Starting the Demo I saw the Master of Murmurs and I freaked out, like "ohhhhh Helloooo Mr. Dark Hottie! I would totally invite YOU into my private Chambers!", but the Game was like "Nope! Not this one for you!". Shatter my little Heart u evil Game Creator! *wink*

Sooo, just finished the Demo and i never "kissed" my table so many times with my head... I played VN´s for many Years and I played like...a lot but only a few could hold my attention like that. Every Decision was so hard and i was struggling with myself on what to do. Go for Justice? Be Selfish? I had serious discussions with myself most of the times ( It was kind of embarrassing and ridiculous at the same time). But I LOVED how much the Options rly matters in the actual Situation the Empress was in.

The Atmosphere was totally in Sync with the Story and Timeline. The Characters are beautiful designed and very catching with their unice personalities. The Soundtrack was relaxed/in harmony with the Game and heightened the Atmospheric experience of the Story.

I´m rly excited to play the finished Game. It will be a loooong Year to wait.


Ahah, I totally get it, I speak to myself facing hard choices so I know exactly how it feels like XD! I am glad you enjoyed the demo, maybe the Master of Murmurs will be part of the romance someday ~

Lovely day 


any chance for android version

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Hi, new player and absolutely OBSESSED!! Need this game like yesterday >.<

Ahah, glad to know it! We are working hard to make it real <3

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Je viens de réaliser que j'avais noté ce jeu sans laisser de commentaire, ce qui est plutôt rare alors je me lance.
Ce jeu me laisse un peu perplexe (et vous saurez un peu plus loin dans mon commentaire pourquoi, je vais commencer par le positif d'abord !)

- J'aime beaucoup la liberté que le jeu nous accorde. Même si ce n'est qu'une démo, j'ai constaté que mes choix avait bel et bien un impact, que ce soit sur le moyen à long terme.
- L'esthétique générale du jeu est belle, c'est très plaisant à regarder.
- Je ne me rappelle plus des options proposées dans le menu de personnalisation de la MC mais il me semble qu'on pouvait faire une MC POC avec des cheveux texturés, ce qui est un bon point aussi.

En ce qui concerne le négatif maintenant :
- L'intrigue est un peu basique. Ayant joué à des VN de survie/gestion similaires (Long Live The Queen, Royal Alchemist, The Queen's Choice...etc) c'est à peu près le même trope qui revient en boucle : un roi/une reine ou un(e) empereur/impératrice qui meurt, laissant derrière iel son/sa seul(e) héritier(e) donc j'attends de voir comment vous tournerez ce trope à votre avantage dans le futur avant de me prononcer.
- J'étais ravi.e à l'idée d'avoir un CDC féminin... Jusqu'à ce que je découvre que la MC fasse tout le temps des réflexions dans sa tête sur la diction et l'accent d'Asha. Je ne vous cache pas qu'en tant que personne d'origine maghrébine, j'ai trouvé ces réflexions inappropriées. Ça banalise totalement la fétichisation des POC et c'est pourquoi ce jeu me laisse perplexe. Ça ne m'intéresse pas d'incarner un personnage qui a des biais d'exotisme, qui trouve que ramener une personne POC à sa diction c'est "sexy".
J'espère que ce constat ne vous froissera pas, je sais qu'on peut facilement faire dans l’inapproprié en étant plein de bonne volonté. Ça reste tout de même mon point de vue et j'espère qu'il vous aidera à aller de l'avant.
Si vous tenez à garder cette partie de l'histoire dans la version finale du jeu, je vous recommande d'ajouter "exotisme" dans la liste des trigger warnings pour que les personnes comme moi sachent à quoi s'attendre !

Bonne continuation.
- Nutellix

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Bonjour Nootellix! Je suis contente que le jeu t'ai plu malgré tes réserves et je suis tout à fait ouverte à la discussion, après tout une maladresse est toujours possible et je suis toujours prête à me remettre en question sur le sujet, mais je pense que j'ai besoin de plus de détails pour prendre la décision de modifier le script à ce sujet. 

- Personnellement, j'aime beaucoup les accents, qu'ils soient anglais, italien, russe, maghrébin ou autre. Je manque sûrement de bagage pour comprendre où est le mal ? En fait, j'ai souvent vu les accents moqués, donc j'ai toujours pensé que c'était plus la médisance le problème ?

- Asha n'est pas le seule POC du jeu, notre cast est vraiment divers Léon et le Maitre des Murmures par exemple n'ont pas d'accents particuliers bien qu'ils soient POC (IE: Les POC de manière général ne sont pas fétichiser à travers leurs accents dans le jeu.)

- La MC reconnaît beaucoup de qualités à Asha, même si elle aime son accent car elle vient d'un pays étranger et qu'elle n'a pas l'habitude de l'entendre, elle admire surtout son esprit acéré, sa curiosité qui la rend très savante, son talent pour les chiffres et pour les langues (car les remarques sur son accent sont surtout là pour souligner le fait que Asha parle très bien la langue Calydienne bien que ça ne soit pas sa langue maternelle.) Globalement, je ne pense vraiment pas que le personnage d'Asha soit réduit à son accent ou à son physique.

- Les remarques disparaissent au fur et à mesure du jeu quand la MC s'y est suffisamment habituée pour ne plus le remarquer. EDIT : J'ai vérifié, et il me semblait bien que passait leur première rencontre, elle n'y faisais plus du tout allusion. Il y a deux remarques sur son accent dans la démo, donc ce n'est clairement pas "à chaque fois" qu'elles se parlent. 

Donc voilà, je vais renseigner de mon côté sur la question, c'est la première fois qu'elle est soulevée, mais n'hésites pas à m'aiguiller davantage ! 


Je viens de voir la scène évoquée et je n'y vois pas de problème... Elle sait qu'une personne d'un autre royaume doit arriver, l'apparence suivi de l'accent a permis de l'identifier et de l'appeler par son nom. Ce serai étrange voire suspicieux que sans justification la MC devine son nom et pourrait amener à des troubles diplomatique éventuellement (un espionnage, une surveillance à l'encontre d'un autre royaume).

Pour ma part je trouve que c'est bien amené et il en aurait été de même avec un personnage blanc avec un accent Nordique ou de l'Est, l'accent est révélateur de l'appartenance à une culture, un pays, une région; rien qu'en France il y en a pas mal et dans la francophonie une myriade, c'est pas pour autant que dès qu'on devine d'où l'on vient via cet accent on sente du fétichisme... Au contraire ça ouvre l'échange et pour avoir traversé la France il y a pas mal de différences culturelles, syntaxiques et au niveau du vocabulaire à découvrir sous-jacentes à l'accent.

De plus dans un Empire fictif regorgeant de diversité il est normal d'avoir ce genre de différence et donne une cohérence à l'histoire. Le mot fictif ici est important car ne cible personne à part le royaume de Isiria, serais-tu en mesure de me dire quel type d'accent il peuvent bien avoir ? 

Après si tu ne veux pas d'accent dans un VN d'inspiration médiévale va sur un truc où y'a 0 personnage de couleurs à part les serviteurs éventuellement c'est plus réaliste pour l'époque et au moins il n'y a pas la mention de l'accent puis qu'ils ne parlent pas.


I'm not sure why, but I thought alexander was going to kill the player when he said "Long live the Empress" or whatever he said...



No fair, fair

What do you mean by "No fair, fair"?


Ah, it's just I thought about Scar in Lion King, who has this kind of line, and it's often the case with the character who is like "Long live the King" and then back stab the said king. So it never occured to me before, but when you pointed out, I think it was a fair fear to have, that's all! 



It looks great but are you considering adding in a font-size option in the full game as well? The text is a bit hard to read without glasses.


Hello, I will consider it for the full game, I think this kind of features are great but they are tedious to implement because even if I implement it only for the in-game text, I have to check nothing go out of the textbox or the choice box in the three font. It's especially hard for the important choices where there can be a lot of text displayed in the screen... 

But it's definitely something I will carefully consider.


I love how this page represents the game,
it is well designed! I tried the game a few months ago, albeit it was very short, I will follow the progress.


Ah thank you! It's rare people notice this kind of things! And yes the demo is quite short compared to the full game, but I don't want to spoil too much of the story before the full game is out huhu

😁 You are welcome.
You are right, unfortunately it is rare, and yet, such details are of utmost importance of any creative project. 

As for the demo length & development of the game,
no worries & take your time. 😊

Absolutely! A good interface give the right feeling right away and help set up some atmosphere + professionalism. 

Thank you again for your support! 

Hello! I heard that this game will be released in 2023 can you tell me how much I need to save up to purchase this game so I can save up my allowance? Thank you in advance!


Hello, unfortunately, I can tell you now, every time I try to say a release date, some world catastrophe happens so now I decide to wait for the french version to be done to have a clear deadline. If it can help I expect more the end of the year. 

Also, if money is tight (I remember my days back as student >.<) we will make several giveaway in our mailing list. <3

Thank you so much! I already subscribed into the mail list thingy can't wait for the game to come out! Good luck to the writers, developers and artists! You guys are awesome!


Thank you for your support <3




Hopefully there won't be another plague to deal with until this point ^^" But we are doing steady progress! 3

No android???


Hello, I am thinking about doing an android release, but it's complicated so  I can’t do any promises. It’s technically doable. The real question for me is would it be worth? I don’t have money to spend on ads, so I am afraid the game would go unnoticed, especially since - overall - mobile player doesn’t like onetime purchased economic model. Also, I have heard that the algorithm tend to burry app with no regular update, and if there will probably be some patch fix, it's not a long term content economic model. 

Doing a mobile release would be a lot of work (mostly because I would have to remake some of the UI and thus some of the code to fit the phone size), so I definitely have to carefully consider it.



ah...thanks for need rush....i know...make visual novel in android not easy...hehehe....i know...and im sorry......for asking you......


There is no problem in asking, as long it's done nicely and the answer read with consideration <3 


thanks for your kind curios...sorry 

i'm a sucker for guys like alexander!! 

Eheh, if you like extremely devoted love interest you won't be disapointed ~


Just finished running through the demo... the art's fantastic, the proclamation system is very interesting (looking forward to playing around with diplomacy when it's added). On a personal note, though, I really, really hope I'm not going to have to cheat on Asha to produce an heir.


Hello, I am glad you liked the demo <3

As for Asha don't worry, the game is choice heavy, the heir question will be discussed and the final decision will be on the player hand! Overall, Asha or not, the player can decide they don't want children anyway ^^

I love Asha so much <3


She loves you too <3 <3 <3

I saw this coming soon on GOG and am excited for its release that I already have it on my wish list there. No, I haven't played the demo as those just lead me sad and frustrated that I have to wait on the full game.


Thank you,!!! I take it as a huge compliment coming from someone who like shinny stuff :p (sorry couldn't resist to your name I love Moana)

I totally understand you, I rarely play demos for the same reason because then I am lingering like a 18 century lady painting for years until the final release... 

Lingering like an 18th century lady painting is the best description of what it feels like to wait around for releases. Oh and I'm hoping after watching that trailer video that I'll have the option to play the game with French voices and English subtitles.


I wish so much to have voice acting, but it's not in our budget unfortunately :v But I can swear if I won lottery, I would pay for voice acting ahah


That is fine too! No voice acting is better than so-so voice acting.

dang! I can tell a lot of work went into this, the gameplay is impeccable and the dialogue is smooth and engaging. can't wait for the full release- this is def one of my top five games (yes, including all types!) 


Oh I am so happy to hear it!!!! <3 Also curious to know what the other games of your top 5 are! My backlog is already too long but I can't resist good recs x)

is this the same game as queens crown ???


Ah Queen's crown... I still hope it's released one day :v 

It's not the same game, different team, different characters, different settings, and I think Queen's crown had stat raising when here it's ressources managment. But I think if you liked Queen's crown, you should definitely give a try, because it's indeed the same vibe! 


I need to stop doing this to myself and playing not finished games. I enjoyed this so much now its gonna pain me to wait so long for the rest to come out.


Ahah, I understand, I usually don't play demos for this reason, but I am glad you liked it <3


Hi! I wanted to compliment you on the intresting story. I just finished the demo four times and I am obssessed! I have the game now on my wishlist on steam and can't wait for you to finish so I can learn the whole story. I apreachiate that there is a female love intrest too. 

(Do you plan on making the Master of whisphers romanceable orrr...?👀👀👀)


Hello, thank you so much for your interest, I am glad you liked the game and try the different path! Also, Asha deserves more love, thank you for her  U.U

As for the MM, since a lot of player are requesting it, we are thinking about making a DLC with him as romance once we finish the based game  but for now we don't want to overscope the game.

Again, thank you for taking the time to leave this kind message to us, it's really motivating <3

Oh mon Dieu!!!!! Je suis entrain de tester la démo et de régler les doléances et je tombe sur Guethenoc et Roparzh XDDDDDDD! Mais merci quoi!!!! Rien que pour le clin d'oeil je te l'achèterai le jeu! (et puis en dehors du fait que ça m'a mis en joie cette référence le jeu est vraiment super, sérieux c'est un plaisir que d'y jouer)


Ahah, je suis vraiment contente que ça t'ai plu, on est très fan de Kaamelott donc il est très possible qu'il y ait d'autres références dans le jeu :p

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de tester notre démo ! <3


This is a really wonderful demo and did not feel short at all. Thoroughly enjoyed the intricacies of the choices. 

Spoiler, fan rambling: I think my favorite was regarding the ones about the witnesses and the greedy soldier. The COLLATERAL DAMAGE COVER STORY was perfect, but I wanted to honor Alexander's trust in Lydia. I wasn't too convinced that bribery would keep the witnesses silent once they've received payment, but thought it better than appointing positions of power to people motivated only with incentives. Though the bribe may fund people with questionable loyalty, at least the money is gone once they've spent it; unlike with power which Lydia cannot as easily take back once granted. As for the GREEDY SOLDIER decision, it was really tricky. I could see that bribing them again is simply using the same solution that did not work the last time, but I also wanted to avoid killing lest Lydia be known as a tyrant too early on her to-be-reign. So, I initially chose to beat the greedy soldier up. But I guess they were smart to plan an ambush. Since Lydia might need the MASTER OF MURMURS unharmed, I decided to have them assassinated. It's just so intricate a game; I love how it goes beyond value judgement and ideal choices we all want to make and into all these consequence-driven choices.

My favorite character has been Theodore. Initially, it was Alden. He was a good mix of FRANK, PRACTICAL, and COMPETENT. Though Alden brought up LYDIA'S GENDER the most at the beginning, it was mostly because he knew that other people would use it to discredit Lydia's birthright, not because he believed it made her incompetent himself. Writers, it did not escape my attention how, when he talked to her about POLICIES for the first time, he did not bring up her gender at all. So he is simply that: frank and practical. Traits that I see in Theodore as well, even if he is tainted with prejudice and his practicality blurs into cynicism. 

Alden is probably my second-favorite now, still a favorite. I don't know why, there is something about always suggesting BLOODY MURDER as the FIRST SOLUTION to everything that turns him into a sort of comic relief. Real murder is not funny, of course, but with all his insistence as an makes him a bit 2D in a good, comic "are you for real" way. He has been insisting on brute force for much of the demo, even though it's his responsibility as advisor to see that it could also be bad for Lydia to be seen as a tyrant in the long run. In stats-speak, -10 people.

I've begun to see Alden as a mouthpiece and PERSONIFICATION of any ruler's need for self-preservation. I think it's CLEVER WRITING because considering the plot where the story begins where only Lydia and a few others know of the regicide, there is no other way to convey the threat of being outcast(?) as a ruler and even just staying alive from that POV and limited set of characters. If it were any other story, the threat could be portrayed with interactions with nobles in the Court, specifically in how Lydia has to please them just to protect herself and her plans. But that involves too many side characters and trivial pleasant-sounding conversations and do not convey the gravity of regicide that has happened to the former king and that may someday happen to Lydia. 

The writers of Imperial Grace dived straight into it, straight into the plot, without luxury of pace, without excess characters or ones prematurely introduced, without trivial details, in just the right heavy atmosphere. I absolutely loved it!

Spoilers, tangent: Did you intentionally make Robert frustrating? XD He wasn't advisor, there was no reason for him to bring up Lydia's gender. Rude. If he's so concerned people will use her unwed status to frame power given to her as unstable, maybe stop transferring power to men just because the woman wed? His accusations toward Asha were unreasonable, too. I'm laughed out loud when Lydia used his own sensibilities against him by saying she didn't invite her to dance nakedin honor of the snake goddess Sif. Though the writing is consistent in tone, there are so many comical moments. It was all enjoyable.

I initially intended Robert to be some “very annoying grandpa”. Like he can give good advice, listen to all your problems, but he is very old-fashioned and can be harmful without realising. Like it’s so normal for him he has to be a man ruler. He doesn’t even see the problem of saying that to Lydia and how it can be harmful for her. He is guardian of the past but forget to not live in it.

 As for Asha, since he is the main representation of the Faith, he is very wary of anything that could disturb the RealFaithTM. Even if he acts very disrespectfully with Asha, he respects her more than we can see. Firstly, because if he is so wary of her is because he fears her influence. He can see how dangerous she can be. He does not straight out underestimate her because she is a woman/stranger, which is still better than some other people in the palace. (Nobles I spared myself to display in the game.)

I don't know what to say, I am so glad you liked the demo. It's such a warm feeling, having the impression someone you don't know has figured out everything you wanted to do. Like, I created Imperial Grace with the desire to write intricated choice like "I love how it goes beyond value judgement and ideal choices we all want to make and into all these consequence-driven choices." It's exactly what I wanted to do, and I am so glad when people see it. 

I'm also happy you like Alden, it's true that we laugh a lot about his "murder is the solution to all problems" side, but when you see his story it's quite logical. It's not visible in the demo because it's not talked about much, but Magnus V was the kind of person who didn't mind being seen as a tyrant since he kinda was one and ruled by fear, not by love. So Alden adapted to the situation and he needs time to adapt to you and your way of ruling. He soften through the game. 

Thank you again for leaving this long comment, it really made my day, I am so genuinely happy you liked the game for what I wanted it to be, I hope you will like the final game even more. 

- Ayael 

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I am thoroughly impressed with the high level of quality produced into this work so far. From the regal UI, customizable MC, resource management elements making choices weightier, to the petitions element, everything looks incredibly polished. I noticed a typo or two here and there (mainly the word 'fulfill' missing its second 'l' at the end). I felt like the second demo had just enough content to set the stage, allow players get the hang of all the mechanics, and to pique interest in the romantic options. I'm biased toward Theodore for personal and political motivations, but Alexander and Asha are both just as intriguing in their own ways. Overall, it seems like Imperial Grace really has what it takes to fill the gap similar throne ascension games have left open. I will be watching the development of this work very closely. Best of luck to the team! 


Thank you for this kind words! <3

(And I spotted the "fulfill" now, it will be corrected in the next patch thanks !)

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Hello, if you are more familiar with it, we are also on steam: 

On itchio: Your download will give you a .zip file, you have to extract it with a sotftware (personnaly I use Izarc), then you have to open the folder, until you see the .exe

If you have further question, don't hesitate^^

It's amazing



I just wanted to say how excited I am for a empress historically driven game. It looks beautiful so far!

Hope you will enjoy it <3


The Master of Murmurs is gorgeous, please let me love him. D:


Eeeh maybe when the game is done ~


I'll take it!! :D

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After finishing the demo I'll say that I love my empress. Even in this short demo, I could see some different reactions, but by far my favorite is the one where she may start looking greedy selfish, and capable to do anything to have power. However, in the more diplomatic and nice choices, she's really much more amazing. I love how she doesn't want to be anything like her father and strives to prove to the men that she can and deserves to rule. I also love how intelligent she is, and can be that exact amount of manipulative but not needing to go extremes to achieve what she wants. And that's in a short demo, I can't wait for more.

Now, I will say this. Asha is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. The moment I've met her I've made my mind about who I would romance. Her design is superb and beautiful her personality is so refreshing and warming. I just want to stay around her all the time. So far she is who I love the most. I'm dying to see more and to get that promised massage.


Thank you for this kind review <3 I am really happy you liked the MC balance between her ambition and her heart, and Asha deserves more love <3

Is there going to be an android version anytime soon? It looks so cool that I want to play it 😄💜

Hello, maybe one day but it's not a priority at the moment. Renpy (the sotfware we use), broke the android portage in it's last update and doing an android (so mobile) portage require to redo most of the UI so it's readable on smaller screen. 

That said, the game requires no installation, just unziping the folder, so usually it works even on very small/old laptop with not a lot of power (I even played a game from a USB key once) if it can help. 

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This is going to sound insanely shallow, but I can't stop myself from commenting on how utterly gorgeous the MC is. I find myself frustrated a lot of the time with how limited the appearance choices and designs are for games like these, but in both appearance and in personality, you allowed for there to be a completely satisfying range of possibilities. I *love* ambitious characters, especially ambitious women, and before now I don't think I've ever been given the option to play as an unapologetically and explicitly cunning and ambitious female character before, so that is a huge plus as well. It's clear that there was a lot of care put into constructing a power-hungry but ultimately sympathetic protagonist, and I appreciate that so much!

Side note, but I also adoreeee the political aspect of Imperial Grace. I'm a huge fan of complex political plots, both in fantasy and non-fantasy settings, and I truly adore the kingdom management aspect. I know the focus is most likely going to be on the love interests after the full game is released, but even the small taste I got of the political side of the MC's world was super compelling.

Thank you very much for taking the time to let this comment <3 It's not shallow at all, I mean it's a visual novel after all! I am also glad you enjoyed the political aspect of the game and if it can ease you, it's still very important afterward. You are not of the hook of dilemna and politics because you are in love mouahahahah

I enjoyed this so much!

Super happy to hear it <3

Loving the demo so far and im curious to see where things go! I also uploaded a let's play of the demo on my channel if that's ok. Good luck with the game development!


Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it!

Also I watched the replay, you have a lovely voice! If you do the other part, don't hesitate to @synstoria on twitter so I go watch them too <3

Will do and thank you very much!


I've played too many vn's/ otome games and this particular one has been bumped up to my top 5! It's so beautifully well-made for a demo and this just means my expectations for the upcoming versions are up, up, up!

I am tired of MCs who are passive little victims who can't hold their own, always depending on someone else to come swoop down and save them. I can't imagine being that helpless. So when I read, 'A super badass MC', I was sold. I found a certain understanding with our MC's background and I love her ambition, wittiness and attitude. 

The UI, art style, characters, writing and resource system are all chef's kiss! It's all so well planned. I absolutely adore the side characters (please oh pls let me just romance them pls) But that aside, I'm a huge sucker for customizations and seeing my skin colour on there is just :') 

At this point, just take my goddamn money, Synstoria devs.

I am so excited for the future of your team and I hope that you all continue to prosper. Wishing you guys all the best and stay safe!

Aww thank you so much for your kind word, I am very glad you liked the game, it made my day *hug*

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I just finished playing Imperial Grace Demo and I love the story this far!   Our three available LIs are also very endearing in their own unique ways <3 

My only issues with the current version of the game resides with my headache triggers.   The first time I tried the Demo I was in the middle of a migraine and couldn't play at all because the saturated gold of the font prevented me from reading anything.  (my brain couldn't process the contrast with its background)

So I waited a week later to play =^.^=
I was really happy to realize that changing the Font to "simple"  helped A LOT to reduce the eye strain I was feeling from the saturated gold font colour so thank you a lot for this option <3 
It works like a charm !!!

The other element my brain has issue with is the saturated yellow parchment used for the petitions. I have now learned to squint when it time for it to show up! But at least the Font is dark so I can read it perfectly well still. =^.^=

Technically those things aren't "bad elements of the game", it's just that my own brains had difficulties adjusting to them. 

But all that aside, I'm totally looking forward to the rest of the game! 

You guys worked so hard for the demo <3 

May your muse never fails you

Hello, I am glad you enjoyed the game but I am sorry if you had difficulties playing the game because of the color, we try to be the most accessible possible, but my knowledge is very limited in this area, we have progress to make. 

Maybe we could add a "resting design" option, like we did for the colorblind, ideally what color should the parchment/text and the textbox/text have to be more comfortable to play for people who has headaches triggers? Any tips overall about what we should care about if we implement this feature?

(1 edit)

Oh please you don't have to apologize <3 
I am photosensitive, so I face these kinds of issues in many other games too. 

So for the general text, in my case the "Simple" Font worked perfectly to negate the eyestrain effect for the textbox this far. I'm so happy you had this option in your game. 

As for the Petition Parchment, in my case the issue is that it's following a very dark screen, so when it appears it's like a "bright beacon of light"the beacons are lit ;)   (sorry, couldn't help with this LOtR meme)

If I may be so bold to make such a suggestion, the appearance of the Petition Parchment could be a bit less "visually disruptive" if we skip the black background altogether and immediately switch to the throne room, and since we're at it, we could also give the parchment a tiny bit of transparency, this way it would cut on its brightness and also making it fit a bit more with its following "Petition Response Options", which are also semi-transparent. 
Semi transparent petition parchment

In any case, the appearances of the parchment are predictable in the game, so early on in the demo I could easily guess when it was time to "squint away" because a petition was coming ;) hehehehe

You guys are doing a great job!
Keep it up !!!



XDDD I can't get over the references, I laught so much thanks XD

 I will take into consideration your suggestions and see what can be done for the game! I am sure you are not the only person photosensitive and it can also help other people sensitive to sudden change of light. 

Thank you so much for your understanding <3 
and you have included so much already in your game to help out with dyslexia and colour vision deficiency. 

May your muse never fails you !

love the demo, need the game 

Thank you, we are working on it <3

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