Kickstarter postmortem

Kickstarter postmortem

Hello, a few days ago I made a huge postmortem about the Kickstarter campaign. It's more interesting for other devs but if you like to know what is happening behind the scenes you also will enjoy it as it covers all the work we did! <3

Content table of the Kickstarter postmortem

  • Context 
  • Setting up reward price 
  • Promoting the game (social media, ads, mailing list) 
  • Contacting influencers & press 
  • Kickstarter raffle
  • Community goal 
  • Fanwork contest
  • Streams 
  • Designing the Kickstarter page
  • Stretch goals 

Of course, all the preparation in the world is not enough, it's thanks to you, our dear community, we reach all our stretch goals so a huge thanks again for supporting, sharing and backing our campaign! <3

As a reminder, we have our backerkit late pledge store opened for a few more days for those who missed the campaign and a last community goal to achieve to get the two missing posters

What's next? 

The KS campaign was exhausting and I still have a lot of things to deal with related to the campaign. Like sending the survey, contacting all our freelancer to start the new work etc. I am also taking some time to rest (and enjoy the new Zelda :p) but I will resume the writing in June. I will also update the Itchio page in the days to come to reflect our new graphism and roadmap, it's starting to be really old. 

Raising money from Kickstarter also mean another level of commitment so you can expect more regular updates about the game. Before I tend to do some when I had a lot of things to announce, but now I should do one every month starting from July. 

Thank you for your support everyone!

Take care, 


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Thanks for the Kickstarter postmortem…yeah srry I came for this only but wow thanks…

I am a solo indie and I know it’s hard to make your game shine but every little tip I can gather is good.

I am impresses in how much work yo guys did in marketing. Hats off to you guys and good luck with your next game(s)!

Thank you and no problem! I made it for people like you <3 I also read and learn a lot from other dev I don't follow for their game so I completely understand, it's definitely not simple and a lot of work so I am glad if I can be helpful in my turn!!! 

Have a lovely day, and good luck for your projects!