A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

 When a sarcastic bard is arrested and exiled to an abandoned castle, she expected to be at the mercy of a hungry, blood-thirsty vampire. She soon discovers that the vampire, Lucius, is not starving: he is gravely bored. She may just survive on borrowed time, one ballad each midnight.

(The name can be changed)

A well-traveled and gifted bard. Abigail is quick-witted and quick to act, though not necessarily in that order. Sarcasm coats her words like calluses, formed through years of undergoing difficult journeys and indulging difficult people. While she has a strong sense of insight and genuine interest in others, she has a dogged impulse of announcing her observations. This is seldom appreciated, and at worst has led to face grave consequences.

Still, no one can deny that she has a flair and talent for entertainment. Not even a centuries-old vampire.

(Love interest)

One's first impression of Lucius is that he's menacing at worst, and witheringly unyielding at best. However, his coarse exterior is a thin veil for his impressively dry wit - which he's more than happy to reveal if he thinks his sense of humor will be heard. It's rather hard to share one's wit when your guests generally scream and run at the sight of you though.

♦ Enemies to lovers, found family, bonding through shared trauma, and even more of your favorite relationship tropes! 

♦ A dark fantasy romance that seamlessly blends lighthearted moments and hidden depths, with believable dialogue and an abundance of banter. (Boy, they love to argue. ;p )

♦ Beautiful sprite and original music

♦ Three clearly-marked endings - abandon him as early as possible, remain in eternal bliss or discover gruesome secrets about the world around you.

♦ Flavor line choices: be an unabashed flirt or have a razor sharp tongue. The choice is yours, no consequences.

♦ More than 42 000 words (around 3-4h per playthrough)

♦ Partial voice acting & two original bard songs!

Ballads at Midnight is rated T for suggestive material, strong language, alcohol use, and allusions to trauma, child abuse, and fantasy violence.

Ayael (Director, UI designer & programmer, scripter) - Arrapso (Sprite, background artist),  Wudgeous (Lead writer, narrative designer), Notafish (Writer), Jeneara (Editor), Rowanty (scripter),  Eliana Zebro (Audio & voice director), Shar Joyner (composer), Megan Youmans (Voice actor - MC), Eric Navarro (Voice actor - Lucius), Kimi (Trailer creator)

This game was created in one month during the NaNoReNo 2022 jam.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(239 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Otome, Romance, Story Rich, Vampire
Code licenseArtistic License 2.0
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


BalladsatMidnight-Final-mac.zip 118 MB
BalladsatMidnight-Final-pc.zip 133 MB

Development log


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Loved everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about this! Immersive artwork and writing, the story might seem predictable, but it actually went in scuh different directions than I imagined. The voice acting though... I wish every game has voice acting as accurate and fitting as this game had. And this was all done in a month! :o 

Props to everyone!

THANK YOU! I am super happy to read such lovely comment on our work <3 <3 <3 

This was such an enjoyable game :)


Aww, thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the game! 

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I'm not much of a reader, more of a film/more or less action kind of games liker, so there aren't many of this kind of games (ones rather fixed on story than other aspects) I've played, but I like this one. Enthralling story.

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Oh, I am really happy to hear you spend a good time on our game despite the genre! <3

This is a fantastic game! Recommended!

Thanks <3


I was pleasantly surprised to see you are also the dev of Imperial Grace (Which i'm look forward to playing!)

The game is BEAUTIFUL, I got the freedom ending and it is just so wholesome, really happy with it.

Eheh, small world! I am glad you enjoyed this little game we made in one month <3

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Not me crying at 1am T_T I was so happy with the freedom ending I got. Thank you for making it that way - I feel these stories always end up heavily on the 'bitter' in 'bittersweet' but this was really beautiful and lifted my spirits.

*EDIT* omg I just realized this was voice acted. I have to go back and replay again with sound! 

I am happy you had a good time! And yes we wanted nice endings <3 Unfortunately since it's a free game it's not full voice acted but yeah our two voice actor did an amazing job to bring those characters to life ! 

Well I for one really appreciate it and am playing your other projects now <3

Happy to hear that! I hope you will enjoy them too <3

Loving it so far. Only issue I'm having, which I wasn't earlier oddly enough, is that the History is only showing things that happened a while while back and takes quite a bit to catch up. I can never look and see what was said like, a line ago.

Oh very strange, in the meanwhile you can get back with the mousewheel if you want but I will investigate this issue!

Ah, maybe that's it and I just need a mouse to scroll down. I usually just use my pad.

I played a lot on my laptop without mouse too so I def understand why it should be working (it's the purpose of history message after all), I am very sorry for the inconvenience, I hope the little tip can help you tho

No trouble at all, in the long run. It was a lovely VN!

Deleted 143 days ago
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I am going to repost what I say after your first post: 

"I am not very fond of "no commentary" playthrough tbh, I don't mind streamer and youtuber playing our games and I love to see their reactions and comments, but no commentary is kinda just spoiling the story :s Especially for a short game like that where there isn't too many choices."

So I will delete both comments. I am not going to start a war on youtube, but advertising your playthrough on the page itself after I said it wasn't cool to do that, is really not nice. >.>

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This game has everything I love, great voice-acting, wonderful narrative, fun banter between the main character and her handsome vampire and incredible story-writing.  You've weaved a tale of such intrigue I couldn't stop playing till the very end.  

Loved our saucy bard Abigail though I did re-name her Selene.  I hope you enjoy my playthrough and that I added to your marvelous games appeal to attract more audience.  I truly can't wait to playthrough Imperial Grace.  I tried it already without a video and absolutely adored it.  I hope you finish it soon. 😍

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Oh you have such a lovely voice! Thank you for this kind comments and for the let's play <3 I am glad you loved the game! 

Thank you so much 😊

Deleted 143 days ago

I am not very fond of "no commentary" playthrough tbh, I don't mind streamer and youtuber playing our games and I love to see their reactions and comments, but no commentary is kinda just spoiling the story :s Especially for a short game like that where there isn't too many choices. 




Thank you <3 Have you try the demo of Imperial Grace? 

ah, i don't really play demos because i get too immerse and want to know the end. BUT, i read about it and saw the comments and i'm excited to play it when it becomes a full game! i already added it to my library

I feel you, I rarely play demo myself. I pratically only binge play games ^^" 

I absolutely adored this game!! I literally have brainrot over them ahaha. I can't wait for any future content :)

Thank you for your kind message! I am super happy you liked the game!


WHAT.A.GAME. I am telling everyone I know about it, I loved it that much.

I love that the entire game is all about the interactions between Abigail and Lucius, giving them more than enough time to develop their relationship. I love the resolution to the mystery sorrounding their pasts. I love how beautiful the art, and especially the character design, is. I love the friendship. I love the romance. I love the vulnerability. I love the voice acting. I love the writing in general.

You guys did a wonderful job with this game. I fell in love with these characters (ngl, I would love to see Abigail and Lucius cameo in other games) and I cannot wait to see your next works!

Thank you so much for your kind words! It's unlikely they happen in other game (not the same universe), but I know the writer had plans for some extra, in the futur don't hesitate to take a look!

Hi I am having some issues with entering the name as when I press enter it does not move to the next screen Is there something I can do to fix this as this is a truly lovely game and I would love to experience the rest of the story. Thank you!

Hi there, sorry to learn you have trouble with the game, it's very strange. 

What name are you trying to type? (If it's not the default one), some stuff like bracket [] can break the code so I had a security, they wouldn't work and prevent you from going further. Maybe it's that? 

If you have a controller on, it could also break it hmm... If the problem persist I will make a build with no name just for you because I really can't figure out what else it could be x)

Hi! I have been trying to enter the default name on my laptop. Also thank you so much! It's absolutely wonderful that your offering a different build considering the effort. Your dedication to making sure everyone enjoys your game is amazing!

Hey, I would be really annoyed someone can't play the game because of a bug like that, I must have done something wrong when programing it, but I really don't see what^^

Anyway, here is a link to a special version with no input, it should be save compatible with your previous version, sorry for the inconvenience! 

Have fun <3

No problem! And thank you so so so much again for the effort and how quickly you helped me!


Omg, the update was perfect! Like 11/10! I know you've heard it a thousand times but seriously, the writing is truly impeccable! I look forward to your next project!! <3 

Thank you for this kind words! It's true our writer is super talented! Don't hesitate to check out their game (Herotome) too! 

great game:)!! i really enjoyed getting to know the characters, and I appreciated your teams eye for detail


Thank you!!!


this was SUCH a delight to play! a wonderful game that is beautifully executed. I adore Abigail so much, she's so wonderful. the writing + pacing is just -- chefs kiss.

I'm super excited for the completed game, I already know it's gonna be so good!! I really hope all the devs are taking care of themselves <3 don't work too hard, I will wait patiently till however long it takes! :)

Thank you for your kind word, I am glad you liked Abi, she deserves love huhuhu


my name is Micol and I’m a professional video game freelance translator.

I was wondering if you would be interested in an Italian localization of your games.

I work by myself or together with a small team of people (4 translators + 1 proofreader), and we have recently localized a video game during a Jam here: https://phoenix-team.itch.io/intergalactic-wizard-force-ita-locjam5

We have studied at the same academy and since we are new in this industry, you will find that our rates are very interesting.

Since we understand that the cost of localization could be hard to afford, we are open to discuss other forms of agreements. In any case, I’ll look forward to working with you, I love visual novels :) and I think we can really help each other.

Please, consider the possibility of discussing the matter with us. I’m sure we can find a win-win deal for both of us.

Kind regards,


 Hello Micol! We thank you for your offer and consideration but we are not interested in translated Ballads at Midnight in italian for the moment. Moreover,  it’s a 100 % free game, we don’t even allow donation considering the size of our team so it would really be a loss for us. 

That said, I am very happy that your team is trying to localise more indie game in italian, visual novel deserve more recognition worldwide! Feel free to recontact me when Imperial Grace is done, I might be more willing to pay for a translation for this game^^

Have a lovely day,


Hi there,

We appreciate your words! And yes, we are totally trying to make indie games available for Italian gamers. So, it'll be a pleasure for us to contact you about "Imperial Grace" when it'll be done. :)

Feel free to save our contact if you need it, we'll look forward to working with you :)

E-mail: phoenixteam.localization@gmail.com

See you soon and thanks :)



it made my heart sing .10/10, and for free?! Download now!

Thank youuuuu <3

the story is a little brief. might be too short production cycle to unable create a step-by -step story. happily,this also makes the whole woke as beautiful as a fairy tale.<3 <3



Oh my, it was well written. I also like the art

Glad you liked it <3


This was so captivating it was hard to believe it was all done in a month! Beautifully written, lovely art, wonderful music. Thank you for sharing this with the  world. 

Thank you so much! Sorry for the wait on the additionnal ending, hope you will like it when it releases <3

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Okay, I said to myself that I wouldn't make a long review, but here I am, over an hour and a half later!!! 😅😂 Lmfao I can't help it, it always turns into this for the games I enjoy the most. Very long review, I feel SUPER bad that I typed this much so I'm sorry!!! Not everyone likes long ass reviews but I couldn't help it. I wanted every element of the art to be acknowledged and no dev to feel left out. You guys deserve high praise. Feel free to not read it all and only read the parts that apply to you as I cover all the elements of the game. Please pass it along to the other members so they are acknowledged for their hard work!

I am in absolute AWE that you guys made this for nanoreno. I have played many visual novels now, at least a for a decade of my life now mostly through my teen years, and I have been following nanoreno for years to the point where it's a tradition now. I've gotta say, in all my years of playing, this has got to be the most fleshed out, polished, just...MOST IMPRESSIVE work I've seen! This is at the top of the list of games I would've never expected were NOT full titles. I understand the length is shorter than full title visual novels, but I could barely tell based on how expertly paced the game's story was.

~~ WRITING ~~ I'm not gonna lie, whether I acknowledge it or not I kind of have high standards for the narrative works I read. (Less picky for the visual elements in visual novels, but I still have some level of standard in which I'm taken out of the story a bit if one of the elements feel different from others. But ESPECIALLY for story). Like, literally even down to fanfiction lmfao, I can't finish a story if the writing is kinda clunky. So if the writing and pacing is off in a story, I notice. If the romance is too abrupt or forced, I can try to ignore it and still enjoy reading but I do notice. So I'm saying that to say...when I find a story done so well -- good writing form, gripping narrative, expert pacing, JUST OVERALL AMAZING -- I hold it to such high regard!!! What makes your talent as writers stick out even more is the fact that you made this story seam so seamless and natural and well-paced within the confines of time. You guys had to make this in such short and in turn, the timing affected the plot time (by that, I mean the characters had limited time to interact due to you guys needing to wrap it up within a month.). So it is impressive not only because you guys were able to create this story in such rushed time but also because your amazing pacing still held up despite the characters having less "screen time" lol, so to speak, than a game with no time constraints.

~~ PROGRAMMING ~~ I've gotta give it up to the other members of the team too. Their hard work truly supplemented the story and the narrative wouldn't have been as powerful without their hard work. There was no part of this game that lacked to me; every element was complementary of the others. The game was clearly coded SO well. I will say that this is THE cleanest and most polished programming I've come across from a nanoreno game. Undoubtedly. This is impressive work to have made so polished within such short time. I hope the programmers feel good about themselves, I hope they're not staying up too late and not straining their eyes lmfao. I have an interest in python and renpy from all my years of lurking on lemmasoft lol and it's actually really inspiring to see how smooth and natural the programming was. (The shake animation when the characters were surprised was the most natural animation I've come across, I've honestly never seen anyone ever do that type of animation.) The GUI and other graphics wouldn't have been the same without the programming, so well done on that. The particles were animated so nicely, it all felt so animated and alive that I felt I got sucked into the world itself. It was fully immersive.

~~ ART: ~~ Which leads me to my next point of art. The character art, the background art, the GUI/overlays...Nothing I say can do it all justice. We all know how amazing the art in this game is! The character design is amazing (I seriously want her shirt LOL, like omg I would pay top dollar for that blouse.) Both of the characters are gorgeous! That man makes me weak in the knees lmfao if I saw a dude like him IRL I'd lose my damn mind. (THE "MY RADIANCE" !!!! THING DID NOT HELP OKAY OMFG-) Lmfao anyways, I'm really too uncultured when it comes to giving reviews on art, but I really loved the style. The characters, the backgrounds, the UI...they all have this stylistic "look" to them that blend so well. All these art elements went together nicely, and I couldn't imagine a different style with this alluring and mysterious game. I don't what what it is, but the texture and style really fits the medieval and supernatural theme so well.  The different color schemes, the relationship between colors and darkness/shadows was really interesting and unique. I'm obsessed and will be lurking to follow whatever twitter/deviantart/artstation/whatever I can find.

~~ MIUSIC/SOUND: ~~ is another field I'm super uncultured in, I don't know how to say much on it but the game would have been a different game without this music. So enchanting, emotional, and just straight up beautiful. I'm actually listening to it right now lol, really calming and fitting for the style. It really set the tone in each scene and helped so much with immersion. The instruments definitely fit the vampire theme without sounding basic, you know? String instruments are used a lot in vampire media, sometimes it can sound like really basic Victorian lol, idk how to describe it but sometimes it can just sounds like forced I guess? Some VNS in general have forced music. Like a song with no heart/soul to it or not quite fitting of the VNs theme. In THIS game, though, the music took on its own form and had its own, unique sound. It had its own emotions that fit the game well. And it never got overbearing/annoying and I never noticed when it looped or anything like that. Very fitting and immersive.

~~ VA: ~~ The voice actress sung SO beautifully, I loved her voice and the composition of the song she sung. Which is my next point that the voice actors were so damn good. Sometimes English visual novel voice acting can be...well, I don't want be critical but they can be definitely different than the standard of Japanese otomes ^^" Sometimes English voice acting sounds a bit theatrical/exaggerated and unbelievable, actually I get second-hand embarrassment sometimes. Not for this game. These voice actors captured emotions so raw and powerfully...I found myself listening to voice lines multiple times because I was so taken. Really portrayed the characters beautifully, I was entranced in Ms. Youman's portrayal of the MC from her initial fear (EXTREMELY BELIEVABLE, this stood out to me a lot! I was so immersed), to her snarky personality, to her vulnerability and subtleties. Eric Navarro's character interpretation was just as powerful. Sorry to be a creep but man what a sexy voice. 😂😂 Goodness gracious!!! So deep and alluring; mysterious, but personable and not UN-approachable -- just like our vampy boi is. What stood out to me how dynamic and emotional he was in just a single sentence. For one particular line, Lucious is in pain and while you can hear that pain reflected, you can also hear the gentleness he has for the MC as he explains his what he's going through and then a pinch of frustration/rage towards the end of the sentence from the context of what he was explaining to the MC. It was so raw, I felt super inspired and impressed with how he could convey all these emotions so naturally, like someone would IRL as they are speaking. There's so much subtext that isn't present in dialogue and the voice actors really brought that out. I seriously am shook and hope their careers go even farther.

I really need to cut this review short now, but I just wanted to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I feel like this is illegal or undeserving that I got to experience such a nice story LOL. Sorry to be dramatic but I'm so serious that you guys made the perfect team on this project. I'm eternally grateful for having this experience.  Sooo desperate for that last ending and cannot wait to read it!


Hey! Thank you so much for this awesome and long review! It's not a flaw to be long, on the contrary, it's always nice to hear someone explain why they loved our game, I will make sure to pass it along, I am sure everyone will be as pleased as I am! It's really motivating <3

Since you seem to enjoy listening to the music, our composer has make an album available for pre-order now with all the track of the game including some unused one! You can grab it here

Also, there is a link to the artist's tumblr to follow her work (like everyone, don't hesitate to follow the VA on twitter too!), but you can also take a look at my other game Imperial Grace  and at the awesome game Made Marion for which she is also the lead artist! <3

Have a lovely day! 


Ahh thank you! Just didn't want anyone left out >.< And yes those two games are apparently on my Watchlist already 😂 I've clearly been hype about your team longer than I thought haha. And thank you for the plugs, yes I am actually interested in purchasing the music! Sorry if there is a better place to ask, but do you know if itunes is the only place to purchase it? I have an iphone but my main phone is an android, so I don't use itunes as much. Thanks for your help.

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey, the album is available in every online music store according to the composer, so you should find it in the place the most comfortable for you <3

Very enjoyable.  Thank you for sharing this.



I absolutely adore this game. It's so polished, so refined, radiant, even. The characters are both so endearing, I especially love that the MC isn't a blank slate. As fun as it can be to project onto a blank canvas, she is worth giving that up. Her story resonated with me, she's so well crafted all I wanted to do was to give her a hug. Her wit and charm amplifies the story and makes it something so much better. I don't even need to say anything about the vampire. He has officially reignited my vampire fever. I haven't been vampire crazy since Twilight but he... Reawakened my obsession. And what a character he is too...

The VA's did an incredible job bringing them both to life. The writing was superb, from the UI to the character art everything ties together into a lovely package. I'll admit, I've been checking every couple days to see if I can open Hesiod's Jar yet. I can't contain my excitement to think we'll see more of Abigail and Lucius. Every minute I spent playing this was a blast. I love love love it.

awww thank you so much <3 <3 <3 <3


So, I downloaded this game because of boredom, however, I can't emphasize enough how great it is! Both leads are excellent characters (with a lot of trauma btw). I spent my whole afternoon and early evening playing through the different endings (though I still can't get the "bad" one, I lack the balls). 

The romance developed gradually and the tension only grew as the story progressed, and I loved those two. Abigail is such a great MC to follow and combined with Lucius... what a delightful duo.

I cannot stress enough how much fun I had playing. I can clearly see how much effort the team must have put into this project, every aspect of it is amazing. So kudos to everyone! I hope to play more of your games in the future.

Also, I read in one of the comments below that you're working on a secret ending and I am so excited to play it as soon as it releases (but please, take your time, don't feel pressured about it)


Thank you for taking the time to let this nice comment!!! We are so glad you liked the game <3 We are making good progress on the secret ending (the jar choice), and we can't wait to share it with everyone <3


This game... is a treasure. I loved every minute of it! I love both of our poor traumatized leads, and the romance was *chef's kiss* done so well. I do have a weakness for bonding over sad pasts, just the empathy and comfort it involves. It also felt longer than just two/three hours, maybe because I was so immersed! The art, the music, the atmosphere, the writing, the voices (! Lucius oh my)... ugh I loved it all.

SPOILERS! (sort of? maybe? just in case)



The first ending I got kind of gave me whiplash, but it also gave me a fit of the giggles at how I really should have seen it coming. But then I played the other "stay" ending and I was left so satisfied. (I still don't have the courage to do the "leave" ending lol i can't i just cAN'T i can't leave the sad mosquito boy behind). 

I can't wait for the secret one that's coming! More of this game and these characters can only mean good things :D


Thank you for this comment! We are working hard on the extra ending, and it's already quite long so I hope you will love it as much!


This game is so polished and an absolute treasure! The art, music, and writing are fantastic, and there are so many little details I appreciated (sprite expressions when mousing over a choice to help indicate tone, little transitions in the background, sprite positioning, the way the player name changes throughout the game...).

I love Lucius and Abigail and, more importantly, their dynamic together and how it evolves throughout the game. It all felt very organic.

I wrote down some lines because the descriptions were *chef's kiss* and I want to keep them forever. (nonspoilery)

"protruding from the ground like a sword through someone's back"

"Questions swarm my mind like locusts, and my aimless wandering doesn't yield enough fruit to feed them."

Y'all are amazing! Thanks for this experience :D

Thank you for this nice coment, we are glad you liked the game <3 <3 <3


This is such a beautiful game ahh- the art and the soundtrack are both amazing! im in love <3 <3 the sassy remarks made me laugh a lot and lucius is such a sweetheart <3

i was wondering- is there something specific you have to do to unlock the secret ending or is it just not available yet?

either way 10/10 great game, thanks for making it!


Hey thank you for those kind words <3 The ending is not available yet, but soon (hopefully!)


Very beautiful game, I enjoyed it a lot!! The characters and story were very well done and the art was incredible! A great length for a one shot too, excellent all round :D :D :D 

So happy thank you for this nice comment <3 <3 <3 


This is a wonderful game!  The sprites are beautifully drawn, the change in expression when mousing over the response choices is a clever addition, and the story is sadly tender while having also being funny and playful.


Thank you for this nice comment, I am glad you liked it! I spend a lot of time for the expression change on choice, so I am always happy when people notice this detail ahah. As for the writing, Our writer, Wudgeous, is really talented to mix all sort of emotions in a coherent story! <3


Love the game was very fun, beautiful graphics, the story is extraordinary... I have a question there was never a chance to break the curse that kept him in the castle?


Lead writer here!

You'll have to wait and see, won't you? >:) 

Please stay tuned while we work on the secret ending~ Thank you for your support in the meantime!


This was so much fun! Exactly what I was looking for when I found it.  Abigail, our sassy bard, had the best lines. Especially when going up against that dry humor of Lucius'. The two are quite a match. In shorter pieces like this, it's more important to have strong characters and interpersonal relationships; which this definitely had!

I don't want to get into spoilers, but the backstories for each were refreshing and believable. Funnily enough, I found myself feeling more sorry for Abi. Which was a surprise since I definitely fall into the category of people who are soft for vampires, lol. On the other hand, I have the feeling that we didn't learn the extent of Lucius' background...

The Bliss Vampire end was interesting. I really didn't expect that from Abigail, or for Lucius to follow her so easily. I don't know if it was your intent, but I read it as a bad end/ bittersweet end. This becomes even more interesting since I don't think the other Bliss End (Human) was sad at all. Mostly.

I'm so curious; what was going through your mind when planning out the endings? Did you always have them in mind when you began, or did they develop over time? The last important choice definitely has a bit of philosophy going on.

Anyways, thank you so much for putting in the time and energy to make this little game. It's absolutely lovely, quality work! I'm definitely going to be following this team.

<3 <3


Thank you for this detailed comment, I am glad you love the game! For the ending I will let our writer answer when they get back of their week end <3

But I definitely agree the vampire one is more bittersweet than the human one for the bliss version. 


Lead writer here!

I'm not a regular member of the Synstoria team - I'm just here for the game jam. :) If you like my writing style, please consider checking out my game-in-progress Herotome.~

To answer your question; 

Ayael (the director/Synstoria herself) came up with the original premise wherein a sassy bard is chosen to be sacrificed to a bored vampire. From the beginning Ayael requested two good endings: one where the MC remains human, and one where the MC becomes a vampire and terrorizes the village who sacrificed her in the first place. "Good ending" in this case refers to how the MC (and her love interest to some extent) will never be killed, harmed, or plainly unhappy.

Of course once I got my grubby lil pizza hands on the story, I had to give both leads some humanizing backgrounds by establishing pre-existing connections. Although the game only stars the two characters, I knew it'd be vital to make them *care* about other people. Because if the characters don't care about anyone, why would the readers care? 

The Bliss Ends represent the characters, especially Lucius, shedding their care for everyone other than the person they love. Instead, they choose to live quietly by isolating themselves and rejecting the dark realities of the outside world. Abigail and Lucius no longer make meaningful connections, and though they're happy enough staring at cave walls in each others' company, the sense of bittersweetness is definitely intentional. They give up on living, in a way, in favor of the blissful ignorance of focusing only on their love for each other. The vampire end is, of course, more lost in the sauce on this front. Hahahaha.

I want to add that while the last important choice does wear the guise of philosophy, it's also a literal (though subtle) inquiry where Lucius is asking whether or not he should bestow a terrible truth onto Abigail.

So the upcoming secret end, much like opening Pandora's Box (referred to as "Hesoid's Jar" in the game), will begin on a painful note but is ultimately hopeful: celebrating the connections they've made along the way, and helping Abigail and Lucius move forward together (while still being very much in love, of course).

To a small degree this is siphoned from my personal experience, from when I didn't know how unhealthy it was to prioritize one's romantic partner to the point of valuing little else. I'm always eager to take the opportunity in my writing to reflect the things I've learned in life.

Hope that answers your question! <3

(1 edit) (+1)

Yes please check Herotome everyone, it's a super cool super hero story with such a lovely cast <3

"Upcoming Hesoid end" ?
Is it still locked?
Is it why I can't find a way to unlock it no matter how many choice variations I've been trying in game?  O.o

Hmm very weird.. Did you reload directly the choice from a save? 

Do you have the last version of the game (the one with "final" in the .zip)?

if the problem persist, it might be a renpy bug requiring to delete the datas of the game in the appdata folder.

I installed the game only once it was finished, so I figured I had the last version >< 


So it was a game version problem? (Unfortunately, itchio doesn't allow to update game directly contrary to steam >.<)



This game is absolutely perfect. The story, the soundtrack, every little things in it are amazing. It already holds a place deep in my heart.

I also have a question. I have reached the part where Lucius asks '' What manner of person do you think you are? '' and i can only choose one of the two answers, more exactly '' I'd rather be blisfully happy ''.

I was wondering if it's supposed to be like that, based of past choices, or if it's a bug?

I exited the game and came to ask before choosing the first option, as i feared that this particular choice might influence negatively the ending i was hoping for.


Hello, I am glad you liked the game so far <3 You did nothing wrong! This option is greyed out, because this ending is not implemented yet in the script (it's the only thing we didn't have the time to do within the month time frame). We will do an update in a week or two to add it to the game! 

OOOH. Oops. Sorry. And thank you so much! I can't wait to finish the game.

It is truly amazing and it feeds my little ( hungry for fantasy romance) heart.

Again, thank you and good luck with your future games and plans.

P.S. I can't wait for Imperial Grace to come out. I bet it will be even more amazing.

<3 <3 <3

No problem, I can totally understand it's a bit confusing ^^" And thank you! I am excited too for the release of Imperial Grace, but it was nice to do a shorter less ambitious game and to say "I FINISHED A GAME" ahah


Me, a Prisoner: *is turned on by danger*

Ok but seriously, I neglected all my chores because I KNEW i would LOVE this and I just HAD to play it as soon as possible.

BEAUTIFUL ART I didn't know a bunch of pretty pixels would be able to make me even MORE bisexual what the heck BUT HERE I AM. I loved the story, the music, worldbuilding AAAAAAAAAA!!! and the characters !!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH !!!!! I loved the fact that i got to know both Abigail and Lucius as days (or nights?) pass and they just end up enjoying being with each other.

I won't talk about the writing bc I'm not fluent enough in english so I'm just going to say that I learned new fancy words today LMAO.


Your excitment is contagious I am so happy now ahah! Thank you for letting this review <3 Also as a non-native myself, I agree the writing is a bit hard to read (the language is very flowery, it works super well with the atmosphere but it's harder to read for non native with limited vocabulary like me!), but I am glad you were still able to learn more about the character enough to love them as much as we do <3


You had me at "extremely likable snarky female bard main character." Seriously, I love Abigail. (Lucius too, I think? I haven't fully played through all of the game yet.)

This game is SO ridiculously gorgeous in every way, from the art to the music to the writing. It's hard to believe it was made in just a month!

It's one of my top picks this year for my annual NaNoRenO spotlight post—here's the link if you'd like to check it out!


Thank you so much for featuring us, and for your kind comment! I am glad you like Abi snark huhu I hope you will enjoy the end of the game, and I am glad to discover your website,  it looks super interesting!

Really well crafted VN , there is a lot of attention to details that I can really appreciate and the graphics as well as music and voice acting are on point to say the least.

The story begins really well and it's easy to immerse in the world and feel the tension of the main character predicament but I personally felt it started to drag a little too much on details after a while of reading.

This is more about my personal taste in stories and not a fault in the game, I just want to make that clear, even if I lost interest in the story after some plot point were revealed, It doesn't take anything from the masterful way this game is presented.

Keep the good work!


Thank you for this review and let's play. And no problem, everyone has different taste on different things <3


I really loved this visual novel. The writing and the art is just spectacular! The worldbuilding was done really well. It was so immersive and fascinating. The characters were compelling and lovable, not to mention the electrifying chemistry between them! 

The only issue I can think of is that the pace was quite fast towards the end. It's quite apparent that the time constraints of the jam proved to be an obstacle. However, this visual novel is still amazing regardless, which goes to show just how much effort the team put into this. So honestly, thank you for creating this visual novel! look forward to the secret ending!!


Thank you very much for this kind comment <3 


Ballads at Midnight has a fantastic and amazingly well written story. The characters are somewhat relatable and very fleshed out.  Very big fan of Lucius. Even though his humor is a bit dry, he has a lot of charm to him. Overall an enjoyable experience! <3


Thank you for this lovely comment, I love Lucius dry humor and all the softness burried behind it. Our writters did an incredible job with him I think <3

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